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Hillel has virtual meet-ups and online gatherings that bring you together with Jewish and Jew-ish students from around the world in real-time!


Compelling Jewish voices, inspiring leaders, and cool, interesting people with stories and ideas to share headline our virtual gatherings.

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Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer

Ambassador Ron Dermer

Israel's Ambassador to the United States discusses Israel's response to the pandemic.

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Wed., April 22 - 5:00p-6:00p ET

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Charles and Lynn Schusterman International Center | 800 Eighth Street, NW | Washington, DC 20001 Hillel is a 501(c)(3) organization. |  Privacy Policy  | © 2020

Charles and Lynn Schusterman International Center

800 Eighth Street, NW | Washington, DC 20001

Hillel is a 501(c)(3) organization. |  Privacy Policy  | © 2020


How can I volunteer or support those affected by COVID-19?

Fund organizations that are working in areas with poor access to regular medical services as well as organizations specifically fighting the coronavirus such as UNICEF USA or the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Host a Pop-up Giving Circle – Make a donation, deepen your understanding, and combat isolation by hosting a virtual pop-up giving circle to bring your friends, family, or community together and donate funds to organizations working on COVID-19 and related causes.

Find ways to support quarantined individuals. The use of quarantines is crucial to helping control the spread of any infectious disease, including COVID-19. Support may include assisting individuals once the quarantine is over, especially if they lost income, housing, or employment. 

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Six-time NBA All-Star Amar'e Stoudemire

Amar'e Stoudemire

Six-time NBA All-Star and owner of a kosher organic farm shares his own Jewish journey.  CC 

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Wed., April 1 - 1:00p-2:00p ET

FIU Hillel

In partnership with Hillel at FIU

Natan Sharansky, Chairman of The Shlichut Institute and the ISGAP

Staying Positive in Solitude

Natan Sharansky shares his experience in solitary confinement and ways to maintain wellness.

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Tue., March 31 - 2:00p-3:00p ET


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Jewish students holding the Israeli Flag

Faces of Israel

Meet Israeli students from Hillel at Tel Aviv University and learn about their personal stories.

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Mon., March 30 - 1:30p-2:30p ET

Hillel International is committed to providing access and accommodation in its services, programs, activities and education.

For information or to request an accommodation contact hillelathome@hillel.org 



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Reach out to local Asian-American organizations such as Asian Pacific American Advocates or CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities to see how you can help reduce stigma and stand in solidarity with them.

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Jewish Students Celebrate Havdallah

Midnight Havdalah

Candle and spice to end the week right! Celebrate Havdalah with students around the world.  CC 

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Sat., March 28 - 11:59p ET

Queer Text Study

Dive into text study with fellow LGBTQIA+ Hillel students and professionals across the U.S.!

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Wed., April 1 - 3:00p-4:00p ET

Springboard Fellow Trudy Morse
Passover Seder at Connecticut College

Seder in the Balagan

How does one make Passover meaningful this year? Have all your Seder questions answered!

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Mon., March 30 - 11:00am-12:00p ET

Amateur bodybuilder Ian Benisti

Fitness During a Pandemic

With gyms closed, U.S. Marine and bodybuilder Ian Benisti shares his nutrition and workout tips.

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Wed., April 1 - 5:00p-6:00p ET

Former Neo-Nazi turned observant Jew Yonatan Langer

From Neo-Nazi to Jewish

Yonatan Langer shares his remarkable transformation from anti-Semite to observant Jew.    

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Thu., April 2 - 4:00p-5:00p ET

Israeli music 101, including pop star Omer Adam

Israeli Music 101

Consider this your intro course into everything that's hot in Israeli music in 2020!

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Thu., April 2 - 2:00p-3:00p ET

Arab-Israeli Rhodes Scholar Lian Najami

Arab-Israeli Rhodes Scholar

The world's first Israeli-Arab Rhodes Scholar is also an outspoken disability advocate.

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Mon., April 13 - 6:00p-7:00p ET

Feeling overwhelmed? Help is available. For free and confidential support, contact:

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Crisis Textline

Text HOME to 741741

The Trevor Project

Text START to 678678

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Screenwriter and producer Dara Resnik

Dara Resnik

A seminar about how to break into Hollywood and how Jewish ethics inform the profession.  CC 

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Tue., March 31 - 4:00p-5:00p ET

GW Student and rapper  Noah Shufutinsky

The Story of Westside Gravy

GW student and Jewish rapper Noah Shufutinsky shares how his identity is central to his music.

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Mon., April 6 - 3:00p-4:00p ET

LeBron James

In the Zone: NBA Season

Two Israeli sports reporters discuss NBA season updates and where the league may be heading.

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Tue., March 31 - 6:00p-7:00p ET

Emmy-winning director Jill Soloway

Jill Soloway

Conversation with the Emmy-winning creator and director of the TV show Transparent!  CC 

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Tue., April 14 - 1:00p-2:00p ET

GW Student and rapper  Noah Shufutinsky

Better Career Decisions

Join a stimulating conversation about making career decisions in these times of deep uncertainty. 

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Mon., April 6 - 2:00p-3:30p ET